Random mated: 
Main season (late June and until mid September):

DKK 300,-  app. € 40,-


Spring season (late April/early May) Limited number of queens:

DKK 700,-  app. € 95,-

Island mated 
 Newly mated queens:

DKK 1000,- app.  € 130,-


Spring queens:

DKK 1500,- app. € 200,-


Selected 2 year old breeder queens:

DKK 5000,- app. € 650,-


The prices are ex. VAT. Danish VAT is 25%. VAT will not be applied if your VAT number is indicated on the order.





In addition to the price there will be an export fee for each shipment, as there is quite a bit of extra paperwork, and veterinary fees, in relation to export.
The fee will be approximately DKK 800 or € 105,- but can vary due to circumstances.


Discounts can be negotiated on orders of more than 20 queens, or of a value of more than  € 800,-


Orders up to 10 queens, or € 400,- will be charged with the actual shipping cost, and send as Priority letter mail if possible.
Bigger, or more valuable orders, will be send as parcel, or as Recorded Mail, with Tracking-id. 
Shipping is included in the price for island mated queens, or orders bigger than € 400,-

To order, please complete the form, or contact me by mail or email.